High-profile Chef Departs Birmingham for the Cotswolds

Nathan Eades, head chef of the popular Simpsons Restaurant, will soon be leaving his job to take on a new challenge in the Cotswolds. Eades has been in his current role since 2015 but is packing up to become head chef at the Wild Rabbit Inn in the Cotswolds.

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Eades explains that while he has enjoyed his time at Simpsons, it is now time to move on to new things. He also reveals he is looking forward to returning to the restaurant he’s worked at for the past two years as a customer rather than as a chef. He said that the restaurant will keep going from strength to strength and that he looks forward to visiting as a customer in the upcoming months.

Eades began his successful culinary career as a student at Worcester College before going on to spend two busy years as an apprentice at Warwickshire’s Nailcote Hall.

The Wild Rabbit Inn recently lost its Michelin star, after the previous head chef, Tim Allen left his role. There are hopes that the appointment of a new chef – and such an exciting one – will see the Wild Rabbit Inn regain its Michelin rating.

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The future for the Wild Rabbit Inn

While the Wild Rabbit Inn does not currently have a Michelin star, the restaurant Nathan Eades is leaving does. Simpsons Restaurant retained its own star recently. No doubt Eades will be confident he can get back the Wild Rabbit Inn’s star before too long.