Elite Nutrition and Performance The Benefits of Milk for Building Muscle

The Benefits of Milk for Building Muscle

The Benefits of Milk for Building Muscle

June is National Dairy Month, so it’s the perfect time to pay homage to a glass of milk, and all the nutritional benefits it provides.

In particular, in this video I explain how its benefits deserve a second look for building muscle and improving performance.

Dairy tends to get a bad rap due to allergies and lactose intolerance, and this is a legitimate reason to avoid it for people who have these issues. For those of you without this sensitivity however, and if you’re an athlete trying to gain muscle and boost your training or performance, dairy should have a place in your diet!

As an excellent source of calcium, protein and carbohydrates, dairy has a full amino acid profile of the 9 essential branch chain amino acids. These are needed for building muscle, in particular leucine, and can only come from food sources such as cow dairy.

Watch this video to learn the many benefits of milk for muscle building, and my tips for getting these essential amino acids that dairy provides into your diet!

So enjoy a glass of milk, and know you’re doing your body (and muscles) good!

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