Moving Much Faster to the Life We All Want

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Most of us are born into perfect health. It’s not something that we usually give much thought. But it’s important to remember that there was a solid point in time where every one of us was in perfect health. We were the weight we needed to be, our minds were adapted to the world and we were probably even eating perfectly for quite some time.

And then something happened. This isn’t something we need to feel overly guilty for. The current overfat statistics place about 91% of people in that general range. Overfat refers to whether people have enough excess fat to pose some sort of risk to their health. Basically, it says whether one is over the amount of fat that’s healthy. This gets around the usual troubles associated with BMI.

The statistics for underweight people in developed countries fluctuates a bit. But it’s generally accepted to be around 1%. Taken together this means that only 8% of people are in a fully healthy weight range. This might seem like an astonishing number. And it might even suggest to some people that there’s nothing anyone could possibly do about their health. But one should also consider another fact.

Only 3% of the population are eating right, getting a moderate amount of exercise and only drinking in moderation. That’s a difference of over 50% when compared to the amount of people outside the overfat range.

This means that anyone who puts in the work on a consistent basis will maintain a healthy weight. It’s natural that people might feel somewhat worried on seeing the stats. But it’s important to look at them the right way. Anyone who keeps up with a healthy lifestyle will have a healthy weight.

But there is the problem of how few people are trying to live that kind of lifestyle. This is where our earlier observation about starting life in a healthy way comes into consideration. We should give some thought to the fact that we all started healthy but had a slow decline. We can have a slow recovery, but we also have the option of going with a more fat loss extreme style progression.

This idea can go in a few different ways. But in general, it refers to an attempt to lose the weight at a far more rapid pace than most would otherwise attempt. It usually starts with much lower amounts of calories than people would assume they could get away with. Obviously, this isn’t to the point of causing harm though. It just concentrates on a more maintainable diet that sits on the lower healthy range.

Next, one will typically push exercise levels far beyond what they’re used to. This doesn’t have to be some Olympics level workout. But it should push someone beyond what they thought possible. It’s basically an attempt to push the normal timeline for weight loss. Normally gaining weight or losing it happens at a slower pace. That’s why we go from healthy to overweight slowly over time. Normally we’d lose weight slowly too. But by pushing strongly for it we can drop the pounds and get back to a healthy weight at a very rapid pace.