Drink Water for the Body Has a Myriad of Benefits

Not only thirst quenching, the benefits of drink water for health are very diverse. Therefore, it is important to meet the body’s fluid needs by drinking water regularly.
There are various drinks that can be consumed to meet daily fluid intake. However, the best type of drink to consume is water because it is free of calories and sugar, making it healthier.

To maintain a healthy body, you need to eat a balanced diet and consume enough water. Consuming adequate amounts of water is very important because 60-70% of the human body is made up of water. Then, what are the benefits of water for the human body? Come on, see the following explanation.

1. Healthy digestion

One of the main benefits of water is that it aids digestion. If you don’t drink lots of water, your stool will become hard and cause constipation. Consuming water can also reduce bloating.

2. Maintain blood pressure

Water serves to dilute the salt content that binds water, causing high blood pressure. Therefore, for junior high school friends who have problems with blood pressure, it’s better to drink more water.

3. Improve brain memory

Water, especially those with a high mineral content, contains potassium. This content can help activate electrolytes in the brain so that it can increase concentration. This allows junior high school friends to be more focused when studying and doing activities.

4. Prevent heart disease

With stable blood pressure, heart disease can also be avoided. Consuming plain water regularly can open blocked pathways in blood vessels.

5. Moisturizing skin

Water keeps the skin hydrated. This causes the skin to look healthier and more moist and radiant. So for junior high school friends who have skin problems such as dull and oily skin, make sure to drink enough water, OK?

6. Helps avoid fat accumulation

Water can help break down fat. Consuming water helps break down fat to burn some extra layers of fat in the body. In addition to regular exercise, consuming enough water can help the process of losing weight because it helps control calories.

7. Maintain bone health

Besides milk, water also contains calcium which is good for bones! Water also contains potassium which is needed by the body.

8. Prevent dehydration

Maintaining fluid intake by drinking water is important to prevent the body from lacking fluids or dehydration. Even though it looks mild, dehydration conditions that are not treated immediately can cause disturbances in kidney function, seizures, and even shock which can be life threatening.

Now, after knowing the various benefits of water, you also have to know how much water is recommended every day. The recommended daily consumption of water is 8 glasses or 2 liters. But besides getting fluid intake from water, you can also get fluid intake from food as much as 20%. So, don’t forget to eat foods that are rich in water content such as fruits and vegetables.